First Read 08/13/2019

August 13, 2019
Latest News
Recent NYPD data shows that black and Latino New Yorkers continue to make up the overwhelming majority of people stopped by police for jumping subway turnstiles.
A former sex crimes prosecutor challenging incumbent Rep. Tom Suozzi announced that he is filing a sexual harassment complaint against Suozzi ally Gerard Terry, a disgraced Nassau County power broker.
An analysis of NYPD data shows that the number of weapons confiscated in New York City schools last year hovered near a five-year high – with knife seizures up a startling 92% since 2015.
NYPD sources said they plan to throw the book at the 18-year-old motorist who they blame in the death of a cyclist on Sunday, but the horrifying crash may not result in homicide or assault charges.
As New York gears up to unlock a historic window for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, four state legislators are telling their stories in a public service announcement.
Long Island state Sen. Todd Kaminsky plans to unveil legislation that would require all schoolchildren in the state to be “educated regarding the meaning of swastikas and nooses as symbols of hatred and intolerance.”
New York City could legalize hostels under a bill set to be introduced this week in the City Council, the second attempt to reauthorize the budget hotels after a 2010 state law made them illegal.
De Blasio said he is leaning toward staying in the Democratic presidential primary even if he doesn’t qualify for the third national debate next month, since he may struggle to reach the requirement of having 130,000 individual donors.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Epstein’s apparent suicide “boggles the imagination” and warrants a full investigation a day after he raised conspiracy theories while attending the Iowa State Fair as part of his presidential campaign.
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One of the two people guarding Jeffrey Epstein when he apparently hanged himself in a federal jail cell was not a full-fledged correctional officer, and neither guard had checked on Epstein for several hours before he was discovered.
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Political insiders say New York City Councilwoman Deborah Rose is planning to fill the Civil Court vacancy left by Judge Orlando Marrazzo, who was endorsed by Democrats and Republicans for a newly created state Supreme Court seat.
New York City officials are slamming a new immigration policy that would expand the federal government’s options for denying applications for legal status, and are urging people to consult a lawyer.
The MTA’s replacement for the MetroCard has proven to be more popular than transit officials expected, as the agency announced that riders have already used the OMNY tap-and-pay system more than 1 million times.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed three bills designed to reduce the number of children harmed by furniture tipping over and ban the sale of certain crib bumper pads, adding that the bills will help give parents “peace of mind.”
The New York City Council Progressive Caucus is calling on the city to curb public school admission policies that screen students based on academic achievement, voicing their support for increasing “academic diversity” in schools.
A New York City Housing Authority plumber made a whopping $286,000 in the past year, including more than $180,000 of overtime, indicating the seriousness of management problems at the agency.
Drone video shows FBI agents and NYPD officers seizing computer equipment from Epstein’s mansion on a private island in the Caribbean – one of several raids conducted at various locations tied to the late financier.
The U.S. Justice Department said in a statement that two guards assigned to watch Jeffrey Epstein when he killed himself in a Manhattan jail have been placed on administrative leave, and the facility’s warden has been temporarily reassigned.
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A New York City police officer killed himself on Tuesday, continuing a rash of suicides that has claimed eight lives this year, rattled the police force and prompted commanders to issue urgent pleas to despondent officers to seek counseling.
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Editorial Pages
It’s bad enough that de Blasio and his team often cover their ears when the public talks, but it’s even worse when they pretend they’re listening and first lady Chirlane McCray’s She Built NYC project is only the latest example of that.
The case of Jeffrey Epstein is odious and troubling. New questions now are layered on top of the many distressing truths – both known and not yet uncovered – surrounding the disgraced financier and getting answers is critical.
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National Politics
Wall Street is getting seriously gloomy about the economy, with recession warnings mounting and stocks tumbling just as President Donald Trump prepares to fire up his 2020 reelection campaign machine.
Julie Golob announced she was resigning from the National Rifle Association board, the fourth member in the past two weeks to do so in a sign of further upheaval within the nation’s most powerful gun rights group.
U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders leads the Democratic presidential field in New Hampshire with 21% in a Gravis Marketing poll, with former Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren trailing him.
President Donald Trump defended his retweet of a baseless conspiracy theory tying Bill Clinton to Jeffrey Epstein’s death, saying it was “fine” for him to amplify the claim because it was cooked up by “a highly respected conservative.”
A coalition of 29 states and cities sued to block the Trump administration from easing restrictions on coal-burning power plants, with state Attorney General Letitia James spearheading the lawsuit.
In Depth
Amid the larger discussion about addressing climate change before it’s too late, debate is raging in New York over whether government-run and government-affiliated pension funds should divest from fossil fuel companies.
No school district in New York City is shrinking faster than Bushwick’s District 32 – where total enrollment has dropped 21% over the past five school years – a trend that parent leaders attribute to rising rents and the growing popularity of charter schools.
The New York City Education Department’s protocol for testing and fixing deteriorating lead paint in schools stops far short of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s pledge of eliminating lead exposure by 2029.
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Tiffany Cabán was to be the next big thing in the progressive movement, vowing to reform the Queens district attorney’s office, but then just like that, her moment disappeared after a count of paper ballots and a lengthy recount.