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In an emotional and highly charged hearing, New York City Council members began their inquiry into the city’s role in the taxi medallion crisis that has bankrupted and financially crippled thousands of cab drivers.
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Amid new scrutiny over the crippling debt crisis faced by New York City taxi drivers, city lawmakers have introduced a package of bills to stem predatory lending practices that have left thousands of drivers penniless and spurred several suicides.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is backing establishment candidate Melinda Katz for Queens district attorney, warned that lower turnout could result in an upset by insurgent candidate Tiffany Cabán, who is supported by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
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Cuomo plans to promote Central New York’s drone industry during an upcoming trip to Israel as part of a three-day trade mission to promote stronger ties with New York.
New York lawmakers and advocacy groups are calling on President Donald Trump to rethink his plan to redefine poverty through a recalculation that Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi and others said could impact millions who rely on government assistance programs.
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The state’s top election enforcement official, Risa Sugarman, appears likely to remain in her job for the rest of 2019, but her status remains uncertain beyond that as she was not renominated to the post before the session ended last week.
New York City would have to track how long people wait at benefits centers from the time they enter until they leave under a bill being proposed in the City Council after the arrest of a mom while she was sitting with her child on the floor of a social services office.
Sarah Feinberg, a newly appointed Metropolitan Transportation Authority board member, called for the public shaming of subway fare evaders by capturing the behavior on camera and posting it for others to see.
When Erie County Republican Party Chairman Nicholas Langworthy is formally elected as the state party chairman, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel will be in attendance.
The Queens district attorney race represents the biggest test yet for the coalition of local activists, reform advocates and democratic socialists who elevated Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from obscurity to Congress, now with their sights on Tiffany Cabán.
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Ocasio-Cortez drummed up support for Cabán at a rally in Jackson Heights, Queens, ahead of this week’s primary, where hundreds of people flocked to support Cabán, some holding signs that read “No new jails” and “Race against the Queens machine.”
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State lawmakers wrapped up their annual session with a flurry of activity, and the winners for the year included Gov. Andrew Cuomo and progressives, while business groups largely came up short.
A bill to limit 1,4-dioxane in household products like detergents and shampoos is heading to Cuomo’s desk, with backers saying it would protect groundwater but industry representatives saying popular brands would be taken off store shelves.
In the wake of the upstate limousine crash that killed 20 people last year, the state Senate and Assembly announced that their members passed measures designed to prevent such tragedies, but they only passed one-house bills, so they won’t become law.
New York’s new rent law may be putting an end to the business of converting rent-regulated apartments into market-rate ones, causing financial stress for the companies that own these buildings.
New York farmers say they are straining under increased costs as a worker shortage has forced them to use a federal visa program to bring in temporary agricultural workers from other countries.
There are substantial levels of lead contamination from deteriorating paint inside four public elementary schools operated by the New York City Department of Education.
Thousands of New Yorkers could be impacted by the unintended consequences of New York City’s higher minimum wage, which is knocking some workers out of eligibility for benefits that are worth more than the pay hike.
A failure by the New York City Department of Education to negotiate school bus contracts is resulting in a series of “emergency” service extensions costing millions of dollars in extra expenses.
Data released by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority shows that fare evasion increased during the first three months of 2019, with about 1 in 4 riders on local buses neglecting to pay the fare, continuing a trend that’s costing the agency millions.
Erie County’s Democratic and Republican bosses are meddling in minor parties at an unprecedented rate by manufacturing write-in primaries that could eventually affect close races in the general election.
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The state legislative session that was just completed will go down in history as a time of extraordinary accomplishment, and it demonstrated that the unprecedented political energy that exists today can present a moment for massive positive change, Gov. Andrew Cuomo writes.
With state lawmakers distracted by hot progressive issues, Cuomo essentially stole the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and now, it can’t be denied that Cuomo ­really owns the MTA, Nicole Gelinas writes.
The 2019 legislative session ended Friday having provided proof positive that “moderate” suburban state senators do little but enable the extremists in passing a host of far-left bills that will hit New York hard for years to come.
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The case of NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo is widely seen as a critical moment in NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill’s tenure, an important test for a man who has staked his career on building trust between the police and black and Hispanic neighborhoods.
Advocates, lobbyists and lawmakers attribute the failure to legalize recreational marijuana to tepid support from Cuomo, Democratic state senators playing both sides, apathy from legislative leaders and a well-organized opposition.
Leading the New York City Housing Authority, the nation’s largest public housing system, can be a grueling, reputation-tarnishing position, and while Gregory Russ has agreed to the job, he is already drawing criticism.
Today, many credit the 1969 protests at the Stonewall Inn with sparking the LGBTQ rights movement, but at the time, if you were a New Yorker reading the local mainstream papers, you wouldn’t know that a new civil rights movement was unfolding.
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Trump announced that he is imposing new sanctions on Iran, stepping up a policy of pressuring the nation’s leaders and the crippled Iranian economy in retaliation for what the United States says are recent aggressive acts by Tehran.
After their highest-profile recruits passed on U.S. Senate campaigns, Democrats are relying on a collection of relatively unknown and untested candidates to retake the Senate in 2020, and what they lack in name recognition, they compensate for with their backgrounds.
The Trump administration has refused to publicize dozens of government-funded studies that carry warnings about the effects of climate change, defying a long-standing practice of touting such findings by the Agriculture Department’s in-house scientists.
American intelligence and military officers are working on additional clandestine plans to counter Iranian aggression in the Persian Gulf, pushed by the White House to develop new options that could help deter Tehran without escalating tensions.