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Governors from several northeastern and mid-Atlantic states, including New York, are hammering out a draft agreement to cap carbon emissions from gasoline and diesel, charging for the emissions and gradually lowering the limit over roughly a decade.
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The commission charged with implementing the public funding of political campaigns moved away from a straight 6:1 match of state funds to all donations toward an idea that would provide a greater match to donations from within a candidate’s legislative district.
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New York City Councilman Andy King allegedly spewed insults about homosexuality, tried to fire staffers for participating in a Council investigation into his behavior and allowed his wife to abuse public resources for personal gain.
The controversial plan to close the jail at Rikers Island shouldn’t be about “brick and mortar,” New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams said, adding the city has to be fundamentally and financially committed to keeping men and women out of jail.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced steps to enhance the etiquette, cleanliness and safety of a nighttime hot spot in Manhattan’s Lower East Side where residents often complain that revelers make noise, garbage and traffic jams into the wee hours.
Dr. Robert Cohen, a member of the New York City Board of Corrections Commission, said that City Hall stalled proposed solitary confinement restrictions in an attempt to water them down.
State Attorney General Letitia James’ Office wants Exxon Mobil to pay investors as much as $1.6 billion in restitution for allegedly hiding the financial costs of climate change from investors.
Longtime Rep. Eliot Engel sent out a fundraising letter pleading for help from donors, trumpeting 100% scores from left-leaning advocacy groups, a day after a new poll offered signs of possible primary trouble ahead.
New York is going even further to re-engineer streets that were once dominated by cars and for the first time adjusting traffic signals to give bikes the priority for green lights and make cars go slower.
President Donald Trump’s unpopularity among many New Yorkers has led to his name being stripped from some private properties in New York, and including now Central Park’s two ice skating rinks.
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Two state lawmakers have a novel plan to save local journalism, but no thanks, because lawmakers should understand the business before trying to help – journalism is supposed to keep the powerful, state officials included, in check, not march to their orders.
Forty-six state attorneys general have joined Letitia James in an antitrust investigation of Facebook, starting a long-overdue debate about Silicon Valley’s influence, but there are dangers in restructuring any U.S. industry, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Fellow Jon Bateman writes.
When it comes to holding hearings and sponsoring and passing legislation, Suffolk's legislature is among the most active in the state, but the body has been less bold when it comes to dealing with budget proposals from County Executive Steve Bellone.
There may be several obstacles hindering congressional efforts to suture the ethical loopholes that former Rep. Chris Collins flagrantly exploited, but one stands out – Democrats are pushing too many controversial measures, creating poison pills.
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William Taylor Jr., the top American diplomat in Ukraine, laid out the stakes of what he saw as an illegitimate scheme to pressure the Kiev government for political help in by far the most damning account yet to become public in the House impeachment inquiry.
President Trump claimed that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told him that his phone call with the Ukrainian president was “the most innocent phone call that I’ve ever read,” but McConnell said he’s never discussed the phone call with the president.