Photos: 2019 Government Procurement Conference

Photos: 2019 Government Procurement Conference
Attendees of the conference networking at the beginning of the day.
Attendees of the conference networking at the beginning of the day.
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  • Attendees of the conference networking at the beginning of the day.
  • City & State reporter and emcee Zach Williams kicking off the conference.
  • “You would be surprised how much time the city spends making sure a vendor’s legal name here matches a vendor’s legal name there. - Dan Symon, director of the New York City Mayor’s Office of Contract Services and keynote speaker, discussing improvements a
  • “One of the hurdles is preparation. How can I give you the right information so that you know how to prepare for procurement?” - Sean Carroll (second from right), chief procurement officer for the state Office of General Services
  • “The process isn’t much different in New York than in other places ... just the size of the opportunity. With great opportunity comes great competition.” - John Mascialino, shareholder at Greenberg Traurig, discussing what makes New York’s procurement pro
  • “Government contracting has a lot of positives but there are also risks. ... You really need to understand them before you go into the process.” - Claude M. Millman, partner at Kostelanetz & Fink LLP
  • From left, Mersida Ibric, deputy commissioner at the New York City Office of Citywide Procurement; New York City Councilman Ben Kallos, chairman of the Contracts Committee; Madina Touré, reporter at Politico New York and moderator of the panel.
  • Touré taking a question from the audience.
  • A member of the audience speaks to her experience with the procurement process in New York City and poses a question to the panelists.
  • “I would get to know who my elected officials are. Who can make that phone call ... and help me get my money? Who can break through and get me to the next step?” - state Sen. James Sanders Jr., chairman of the MWBE Task Force, giving advice to MWBEs tryin
  • “You have to identify your strategy. What is my product? What do I have the capacity to produce well? Who is buying my service or good? Who is buying a lot of it?" - Valerie White, executive director of Empire State Development
  • “If you use a shotgun approach to do business with all of us, you’re going to fail. ... You need to do your research.” - Michael J. Garner, chief diversity officer for the MTA
  • Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal celebrates her birthday by joining a City & State panel.
  • From left, Rachel Laiserin, associate commissioner for procurement and vendor management for the New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications; Rachel Miller, associate commissioner and agency chief contracting officer for the
  • “If I have to quiz you about what you do, our meeting is going to be short. ... You should be excited about your business.” - Suzanne Veira, chief diversity officer for the New York City School Construction Authority
  • “If you have comfortable cash flow, government procurement is the best way to diversify your revenue stream. ... If a recession hits, you know the public sector revenue stream will be there for you.” - Gregg Bishop, commissioner of New York City Small Bus