Hunter College Becomes Sixth School to Partner With One Day University

Power & Politics: Hunter, One Day University, City & State NY
Power & Politics: Hunter, One Day University, City & State NY
One Day University
Power & Politics: Hunter, One Day University, City & State NY

Hunter College Becomes Sixth School to Partner With One Day University

Joins Cornell, U Penn, Amherst, Tufts, & Rutgers - event set for February 1, 2020
January 10, 2020

Adults 55+ flock to talks by top-tier professors, heading back to college for the day without tests or homework.

One Day University, the New York-based adult learning company that brings superstar professors from the nation’s top college campuses to entertain and enlighten audiences in cities, now partners with Hunter College in New York City. Since its launch in 2012, One Day University has grown from a single half-day event in New York to a series of 200 full- and half-day programs in 61 locations around the country, with new programs in Canada and Mexico now scheduled. Attendance at individual events has risen as high as 3,000 and revenues have followed suit, surpassing $5 million from a starting point of under $500,000 just five years ago.

The events are especially popular among retirees and so-called baby boomers. Longer-lived and better educated than any generation before them – 98% of One Day U students have college degrees and 29 % also have graduate degrees – both groups are eager to keep their minds active and their leisure time stocked with alternatives to the golf course, the tennis court and the performance hall.

Co-Directors Steven Schragis and Kevin Brennan call what One Day U offers “edutainment,” inviting the nation's most popular professors from 90 different colleges and universities to showcase their ability to entertain and listeners to sit back, relax, and open their minds. The One Day U staff scours the country’s best schools to find presenters, looking for professors whose lectures are standing-room-only and whose student ratings are overwhelmingly excellent. Then these professors are invited to present one-session, highlights-reel versions of their most oversubscribed courses to an educated, intellectually curious audience eager to enjoy the benefits of college without any of the burdens.

The specially tailored presentations at One Day University events run the gamut from history, psychology, science, philosophy, foreign policy, music, law, film, art and much more. The February 1st partnership with Hunter College is titled Power and Politics. In addition to U Penn Professor William Burke White's course titled "The Five Most Powerful People in the World" and Stanford Professor Caroline Winterer's course titled: "Learning From the Roman Empire: Are We Repeating Their Rise and Decline?") a brand new course will be presented by renowned Hunter College Professor Harold Holzer titled: The Presidents and the Press). According to Professor Holzer: "Poor relationships are as old as George Washington's fury at anti- Federalist newspapers in the 1790's and as recent as Donal Trump's condemnation of what he considers "fake news".



Steven Schragis
Executive Director, One Day University